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The Finnish SOS-group in Costa del Sol

Finnish volunteers have founded a SOS-group / Aurinkorannikon SOS-ryhmä. The purpose of these people is to help their countrymen to get emergency help, when it's needed.

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The group provides simultaneous interpretations between a person, who's life is in danger and the emergency service 112. The interpretation is Finnish-Spanish only.

The group has also designed and published a free SOS-passport, that contains such personal data, that is needed, when a person has to go to a doctor or to a hospital. Especially in emergency. The passport has 10 credit-card sized pages and it can and should be folded to a size of a credit card.

Now the Rotary District 2203 in Spain has produced such a passport in English in co-operation with the Finns. It has been translated and also adapted to the new audience. You can collect your free passport in many places along Costa del Sol: You can also download your passport and either print it and enter the data manually or download it as a pdf-form, enter the data in the form, save and print it with your own computer.

SOS-passport as a form to be filled and printed.

Instructions how to use the SOS-passport.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please, send us an email to: